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Set up a ShopwithScrip Account
  1. Go to

  2. Click on the green button at the top right hand corner that says "Get Started".

  3. Click on the Blue button that says "Join Your Existing Program".

  4. Enter our enrollment code: 15D788B15353L and click on the Blue button that says "Register".

  5. Fill in all the fields and click on the Blue button that says "Register".


Set up a PrestoPay Account
  1. Click on the PrestoPay link on your Dashboard

  2. Enter your bank account and account holder information

  3. Within 2 - 3 business days, two small amounts will appear in your bank account from Great Lakes Scrip Center.  Record those amounts when you see them.

  4. Sign into, enter these amounts in your PrestoPay registration to verify the account and choose a PIN number to use for online payment.

  5. Once you complete the verification, you will see the approval code on that page.

  6. Contact Alisa with your approval code and she will activate your account.

  7. PrestoPay will now be available as a payment option at checkout. 




Choose SHOP from the menu at the top of the page and browse through over 700 businesses.  Check them out HERE.  Download an order form HERE.

There are three forms of gift cards:

  • Plastic - can be ordered only with a group order 

  • ScripNow - electronic gift card.  Available immediately with PrestoPay!  24/7

  • Reload - only gift cards bought from Scrips can be reloaded.  Reloads are available immediately with PrestoPay.  24/7


  • If you don't want to skip on-line sign up processes (Steps 1 & 2), you can download the order form here and submit your order and payment to Alisa by the due date. Only plastic cards are available for this option.  

  • If you don't want to use PrestoPay, you can skip step 2 and pay by check.  NO CREDIT CARDS.  :(  Sorry! 

  • Check orders can only be placed with the team order - THE NEXT TEAM ORDER IS OCTOBER 27th

  • If paying by check, your order will not be placed until payment in full is received - even with ScripNow and Reloads

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