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Join the Booster Club!

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Thank you for joining the Booster Club!  Meetings are held the 4th Tuesday of the month from 6pm-7pm.

2023-24 Booster Club Members

Amy Achenbach 
Colleen Bergh           
Eric Bergh
Shannon Boodoo             
Laura Buckner                        
Tiffany Calderon
Greg Christensen
Samantha Farrell
Mike Gunderson 
Natalie Gunderson
Scott Johnson  

Bridget Joos
Terri Joos
B.J. Keller
Renae Keller
Heather Kussatz
Shane Kussatz
Jennifer Lint
Ryan Sloneker
Joe Spears
Michelle Spears
Rick Wendt

Bylaws, Agendas, and Meeting Minutes available by request:

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