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There are a couple things to think about before placing your order:


What stores or restaurants do you frequent often? 

You may want to consider ordering a plastic gift card first so you can easily

re-load them in the future.  

For example:  


  • Groceries.  If you regularly shop at Cub Foods, you would want to order a plastic gift card of any denomination.  Then going forward, you can reload money on to the card as you need it in $10 increments.  

  • Gas.  If you have teenage drivers, you may want to purchase a plastic gift card that can be reloaded like SuperAmerica.  As your teen uses the card, you can reload money instantly.  

  • Restaurants:  Check the restaurants that you frequent often.  Some offer re-loadable gift cards, some have ScripNow (electronic gift cards) and some only offer plastic gift cards.  Some restaurant gift cards are usable at a variety of restaurants which allows for flexibility of use.  


Remember that re-loadable gift cards can be purchased at the lowest denomination and re-loaded later in your desired increments.  

Are you planning a project?  Consider purchasing a gift card from Home Depot. Menards, Lowes, etc... to use towards items you need for the project.  

Are you going on a vacation? Airlines, Hotels, and Car rentals are on the list of businesses you can use with Scrips

What are some upcoming events where you know you'll be making a purchase?  

  • Birthday's 

  • Black Friday

  • Christmas

  • Anniversaries


Use Scrip gift cards make your purchases!  

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