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Fall 2022 Registration


All athletes are REQUIRED to complete one of the league approved safety certifications: a state approved Hunter's Education Certification or the league S.A.F.E. Certification. Student athletes CAN NOT SHOOT WITH THE TEAM AT ANY TIME without a league approved safety certification. Which certificate does your athlete possess?
What gauge shotgun will you be using?
A check for $100 per athlete will be submitted at the parent meeting. Checks will be returned at the end of the season when you have completed volunteer requirements. For information regarding each position please see the VOLUNTEER tab on the website.
My child's photograph can be used to publicly promote the team.
Payment: Choose One

To complete your registration your athlete will also need to be registered with the MN Clay Target League. You will receive an email from USA Clay Target League within 2 days stating you have been added to the Burnsville Team.  Please complete this step as soon as possible.

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